Review: Hunting musky with a fly (book).

I’m averse to how-to books, but there’s a lot to targeting muskellunge and they’re not known for being gullible. So, I gave it a shot.

First off, and this is an entirely subjective hangup: musky is a verb.  Muskie is a fish.  I can’t abide the y- no one calls them brookys.

All that aside, the 182 page book is loaded with excellent photos iOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAncluding high-quality series illustrating the technical aspects of casting and retrieval.  The writing isn’t going to win awards but does provide a thorough, nuts-and-bolts rundown of muskie distribution, biology, and the mechanics of targeting, fishing for, and landing the critters.  There’s a chapter of interviews with the continent’s muskie luminaries that appearing out of nowhere in the back half of the book, and about thirty fly recipes at the end- well written, well photographed; each one gets your mind going.

In all, Hunting Musky with a Fly provides a quality foundation for targeting these fussy fish.  As someone just beginning to suss out the intricacies of muskie fishing, I appreciate the knowledge Rick Kustich was able to compile in the book- and if muskie on the fly are something you’re curious about, it’s worth the investment.

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