I’ve held this space aimlessly a couple years now, writing about off and on about the reciprocal relationship between conservation, ecology, and fly fishing.  Sometimes seriously, sometimes less intentionally, sometimes only as an outlet or a useful distraction from something else going on in life.  But never really with any end game in mind. 

So I took some time off, did a little thinking, a little exploring of places I’ve been and places that were new.  I’m not sure I still know the purpose or the value of this space; I know I’m not in a place where I’m interested in commodifying my perspective or experience, posting a dozen photos a week, generating my very own lifestyle brand.  Maybe it’ll remain a useful distraction, for now.

At any rate, maybe you’ll get something out of it.

Take care,







4 responses to “…hiatus.”

  1. buggekiller17 Avatar

    understand completely

  2. zachofjungle Avatar

    Hey Obie. If you’re interested in writing a guest blog post, I’d love to have someone with knowledge of fly fishing as a guest on zachofjungle.com

  3. henrygiles Avatar

    Flyfishing and conservation are umbilically linked – not least through application of real principle via human interaction with the wild. Hope that doesn’t sound pompous!

    1. Obie. Avatar

      Absolutely not, I think it only makes sense.

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