The best eastern state for fly fishing?

What state, east of the Mississippi River, is the best for fly fishing? The Angling Trade wants your thoughts. Pennsylvania, for its abundance of spring creeks and contributions to the art and science of the sport? North Carolina, which contains everything from funky mountain trout bluelining to chasing stripers and albacore along the coast? Florida, for the peacock bass and the Keys? Michigan, for the combined scale and variety of fishing available?

I haven’t decided.

Let them know your thoughts.





One response to “The best eastern state for fly fishing?”

  1. southernfusionfood Avatar

    How about the mountain state of West by god Virginia? Great fishing with almost no crowds. Mostly trout and bass, but some musky as well. I’m not objective, as I have written about this state in three different fly fishing magazines. Peace out.

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