Got a minute?

“This club started back in 1991,” the longtime President said, “and looking around the room, I see a lot of the same faces. Not many new ones, though.”

It’s a common theme among conservation organizations, growing older and grayer through time. I said something I thought was constructive, I was put on an angler recruitment committee, I’m looking for insight on what’s important in getting asses in seats. If you have a moment, I put together a ten-question survey which will hopefully help answer those basic questions. I appreciate it :).







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  1. Pazlo Avatar


    I’m an avid angler, outdoorsman and conservationist that has dabbled in fly tying and fly fishing.
    On the subject of clubs, in general, I observe the same aging and thinning you mention in our R/C Aircraft club. (More difficult still: attendance at club meetings)
    I attended a snowmobile club meeting when pursuing that interest, and noted they, too, had the same core of people at their meeting. It seems there are those that are intent on organizing and running a club in addition to membership. Others are content to be simply members.
    I think generally we are seeing a shrinking in a variety of communal activities, clubs and organizations.
    I believe the intense virtual connectedness that has become pervasive over the last decade or two has caused a number of fundamental shifts in peoples’ behavior. There’s a certain streaming, on-demand, a-click-away genie which has monopolized the brains and time of so many.
    There is a mass-sharing as well, such as you and I are enjoying right now. I can contact, support and relate to a dozen different people and causes in the course of an hour. I think this can be a powerful intoxicant, and seen as more valuable than sitting still in an old-fashioned club meeting, talking to people in real time, writing things down on paper.
    I think fear-of-missing-out is preventing people from committing to anything that expects attention for a span greater than a few minutes.
    Unless it’s “Breaking Bad” binges.

    Clubs may shrink a bit, but I bet even in the old days it was a certain core of people that kept them going to begin with.

    Best regards,


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