Shared: Federal court ruling expected to affect salmon conservation

A Dec. 20 ruling by the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals mandating a salmon protection plan was related to warm river temperatures caused by dams on the Snake River. Source: Federal court ruling expected to affect salmon conservation

State Library of Oregon





One response to “Shared: Federal court ruling expected to affect salmon conservation”

  1. Fox Mountain Muse Avatar

    Well, thank goodness for effective arguments presented by various environmenal groups! Salmonid populations are tanking big time. Similiar to ofher land locked fish species that are now listed under “Heritage” species….like the Goose Lake redband trout. The viability of these popularions under the current climate fluctuations depends upon our ability to provide them the necessary habitat for successful breeding. Sustainability is a tricky objective. Genetic variability among these salmon species has thinned a bit since the late 1800’s. Let’s hope we can assist them in some way that can prove their resiliency under such changing temperature and hydrologic factors….

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