It’s time to check in with your local legislature.

It’s a new year, when state legislatures convene and roll out their retinue of initiatives- some good, some bad, some ugly.  Some worth supporting, some worth fighting against. 

Tennessee legislators are mulling a “Cleaner Landscapes for the Economy, Agriculture, and Nature” Act.  Colorado’s updating its list of eligible water projects.  Arizona’s tackling legislation that would implore the federal government to restore ecological integrity of the borderlands.  Washington State is looking at fuel mitigation, to prevent future wildfires. 

At some point this year, your legislature’s taking up some bill important to you.  One which will affect the places you hunt or fish, the places you find solitude, the places that’ve saved you from going nuts this past year. 

Spend some time to learn about them.  Take some time writing your local representatives, attending open houses or virtual meetings, even testifying in person.  Every state has a whole host of conservation-oriented organizations keeping tabs on their state legislature- take some time to find them.  There’s a whole great list here

Take some time to get involved. 


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