What will you learn this week?


Man, it’s been a wild year- approaching a year since my part of the world shut down. As pandemic drags on, as bars and theaters remain restricted and in-person meetings remain sparse, it gets tougher finding escape. What I’ve been doing lately is ranging further afield, looking for meetings and talks and opportunities to learn something new.

So, what will you learn this week?

I’ve never been to Maine, and I know only a little about that state’s efforts to reconnect rivers altered by historic dams, and restore runs of native Atlantic Salmon. February 23rd, Maine’s Cathance River Educational Alliance will be hosting “Will Maine’s Rivers Once Again Run Silver With Fish?” from 7-8 pm (eastern time). If you enjoy the program- consider donating.

And if you’re looking for other activities, check out the tab at the top of the page.

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