Last Best Streams: #797

I’ve spent the last three days thrashing through Devil’s Club and Johnsongrass only to posthole through sand and silt and muck, looking for smallmouth bass and pike.  Devil’s Club is as bad as it sounds, Johnsongrass cuts at your legs.  But here the old-growth whitecedar and birch shade out everything except waist-high ostrich fern and bracken.  The river is clear, cobbled with slick round stones, every now and again a spruce sweeper digging out a deeper spot. 

I cast a big floatie without a hit, then a little Irresistable; still nothing.  I switch subsurface, without a strike. 

On a stream this pretty, it hardly matters. 





3 responses to “Last Best Streams: #797”

  1. Dan Rodricks Avatar

    Good stuff, Obie. Do you have a Facebook page?

    Thank you for supporting journalism Dan Rodricks Columnist, The Baltimore Sun


    1. Obie. Avatar

      I don’t, though I’ve debated setting one up. Thank you for the interest!

  2. PauliAtomic Avatar

    Woah, I love the close-up on that cedar branch. And that caterpillar is wild! Awesome work ☺️

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