The lost art of loafing.

I hoped we’d seen the last of the hot weather, but this week’s air temperatures are in the upper nineties.  Heat indices above 100 all weekend.  You get up early, fish ‘til ten, maybe noon…then what?

You loaf. 

Loafing is fly fishing’s antidote to the rat race of your social media feed, to the legion of stone-faced stoics mean-mugging lenses in service of The Hero Shot searching for validation from internet strangers.

Loafing isn’t always photogenic.  Loafing’s what’s cut from the sizzle reels.  But those who look down on loafing have no idea the enormous vein of outdoor experiences they’re missing.  Look:

You don’t have to catch that fish.  You don’t have to risk killing it for the sake of a selfie.  If the only thing that matters is what’s happening at the end of your line…you’re missing almost everything. So stop.  Think. Take stock of everything beyond the hopper or the bobber. Play.

Practice the lost art of loafing. 

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  1. Acknowledging the simple and open expression of what you believe is good and important in life, I will be bold and say this is one of your best posts.

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