Waters of the US comment period open through Feb. 7th.

Headwater and intermittent streams protected under EPA’s Waters of the United States (WOTUS) definition are important spawning and nursery areas for sport fish. Health of these aquatic systems impacts permanent water bodies downstream.

The EPA’s Waters of the United States (WOTUS) define which water bodies are covered under the Clean Water Act and other federal legislation.

From the Reagan administration through 2015, the WOTUS definition included wetlands, headwaters, and intermittent streams whose health has meaningful, measurable impacts on downstream lakes and rivers. Though often overlooked, wetlands and headwaters govern water quality and ecosystem health of downstream systems. They provide important spawning and nursery habitat for sport fish and their prey. The proposed changes restore the WOTUS definition to include these important water bodies.

The public comment period is open through February 7th. The EPA has also scheduled virtual hearings regarding the rules, slated for January 12th, January 13th, and January 18th. Take a moment to help protect the places you love.


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