June 13th: Your chance to help pass Recovering America’s Wildlife Act.

Forty percent of our nation’s fish species are in decline- our national, natural heritage.

Curbing species loss requires significant investment- more than many state fish and game agencies can muster on their own. Recovering America’s Wildlife Act (RAWA) is game-changing federal legislation would provide permanent, dedicated funding to restore critical habitat, manage invasive species, and reintroduce imperiled species to adequate, unoccupied portions of their range.

RAWA advances to the House of Representatives on June 14th. Monday, June 13th, the American Fisheries Society and other groups are hosting a call-in session so those interested may contact their representatives and encourage them to vote YES.

Because you’re rep can’t see your sticker.

They don’t know your last purchase contributed 1% to the planet.

If you value America’s wildlife, and the places they roam, get in touch with your representative by phone here.





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