Last best streams: year in review.

I’ve been holding back on writing up fishing trips this season, save the monthly trip to the local trout water. I wanted to save something for the cold of winter.

It was a good year. Maybe not epic by the definition of some, more back roads and brook trout than monster fish on name-brand streams. It’s the kind of fishing I like, though- out there off the beaten path, in the places few others see.

Ten more streams visited, from tumbling mountain creeks to placid, turbid, high plains rivers. Smallmouth bass and panfish, cutthroats, brookies, browns and rainbows. That puts sixty-four in the bag…and I’m looking forward to more.


  1. You are like me. I definitely prefer chasing young stream-born wild trout on a tiny creek than big fish on a crowded river. You take nice pictures as well.

  2. Absolutely agree. The idea of chasing the big ones on big rivers is fun, but the real beauty of fly fishing comes from those remote locations. Glad you got to experience that last year and tight lines and beautiful scenery to you this year!

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