Looking backward. Looking forward.

Another trip around the sun, another solstice tradition- a big meal, a nice bottle of wine, some time around the fire, welcoming the sun’s return on the shortest day of the year. A little bit pagan, sure- but based off something I can see. Something I can make sense of. Something I can get my head around.

We’re still easing out of COVID, and it wasn’t ’til the last half of 2022 that schedules really seemed to fill up with meetings and obligations and carving out time for hunting and fishing and a life outdoors became more of a challenge. It was a year of drought, I wound up giving up on fishing trips to the local wild trout stream as water got lower and lower. They don’t need me fussing with them.

If next year’s anything like this year, or the past couple years, there’s no telling what’s in store. I like it that way. I like having a vague idea- white bass in the spring, turkey hunting, smallmouth, maybe a trip west or east or north sometime in the summer, fleshing out the details as I go. I’ll read more. I might build a travel rod, I’ve been looking at blanks. I’ll write more here, though thoughts on what and how to present content in this space are, at the moment, more ruminations than plans.

I like it that way. Keeps things interesting.

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