1. Obie: Great question; New Year; new opportunity; blank slate so to speak…I found this place on the Gulf of Mexico with clear, wade friendly shallow water (flats like) where Redfish sometimes show up and I can sight-fish. I visited the place post trout fishing season last year, found some access sites and started angling for them (DIY). So I hope to return a few more times and continue to learn all about it (place, environment, species) and hopefully make some more connections. I have some experience in the salt but not a lot, so much is new. Now tying shrimp and crab patterns… also new. So, that’s the new angling adventure… Hope you have one… Happy NYear.

    1. Yeah? That’s a great goal! Work may be sending me to Montana in mid-June of this year; if I can, I’m going to try and knock off and notch a couple glaciers under my belt before they disappear.

  2. At 71 and raising my 11 year old grandson, I plan to maintain my health so I can share with him what I know of the outdoors. He has expressed an interest in getting out, hiking, and camping. I think we will both benefit from this. He will learn something about the world and I will get to see the world through an 11 year old’s eyes again.

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