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  • Last Best Streams: #956.

    Last Best Streams: #956.

    There’s a guy with a paint roller using a step ladder as a straightedge to mark cadmium yellow lines along the handicap space in front of the liquor store outside Kemmerer.  It’s late season and I’m bouncing along a one-way rutted gravel road, braking for pronghorn and admiring soft blue lupine poking above mostly featureless…

  • Another dismal year for Snake River steelhead.

    The plight of our wild western steelhead continues as officials downgrade return forecasts in the Columbia River basin, leaving less opportunity for anglers to target these species. Take action. Join a group. Convince a legislator any action should be a priority.

  • California’s salmonid restoration.

    California’s salmonid restoration.

    Keeping native fish on the landscape requires work. Compromise. California’s plan to restore native fishes to the Sacramento River is seeing dividends- and farmer’s support. Read more here.

  • Hayduke lives at last.

    Hayduke lives at last.

                To crib a thought from a statistics hero, All dams are bad.  Some dams are useful.             Dams alter and simplify ecosystems, they threaten native biodiversity, they’re a vector for invasive species.  Dams cause flooding.  All dams are temporary structures, many US dams are nearing their operational lifespan, some are already silting in, some…

  • Who gets to fish for Chinook?

    Who gets to fish for Chinook?

    There’s no unambiguous winner in the fight between First Nations and recreational anglers over British Columbia’s last wild stocks of Chinook salmon.  It’s tough saying native traditions should take a back burner to recreational fun, it’s tough arguing recreational fishing should be curtailed because native groups want sole use of a fishery. I don’t know…

  • 100+ miles of Yellowstone streams will soon be restored for native species.

    100+ miles of Yellowstone streams will soon be restored for native species.

    Beginning today, Yellowstone National Park (YNP) fisheries biologists will begin applying rotenone to the upper Gibbon River, eliminating stocked rainbow and brook trout to restore the region’s native westslope cutthroat and arctic grayling.              Our national parks are charged with restoring native species where possible, and where management can encourage their persistence on the landscape. …

  • Dog day smallmouth.

    Dog day smallmouth.

  • Last Best Streams: #2403.

    Last Best Streams: #2403.

    Early explorers traveling by water can be forgiven for misappropriating the term “mountains”.  Once you’re up out of the river valleys you see the region for what it is: a broad, flat plateau, lifted nearly in place a couple million years ago, judging by the nearly horizontal bands of sedimentary rock exposed along roadcuts.  The…

  • SHARED: Glacier NP restores native cutthroat, bull trout.

    SHARED: Glacier NP restores native cutthroat, bull trout.

    Excellent read from the Flathead newspaper regarding ongoing recovery for native species in Glacier National Park.

  • Last Best Streams: #751.

    Last Best Streams: #751.

    There must be a word coined by some obscure 19th century naturalist for the simple species conjuring wild spaces. I just need to find it. Not wolves, not bears, not moose, not the cuddly or the charismatic. The meek. The easily overlooked. Like whippoorwills.