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Old canvas.


Eighty years ago this thing would’ve been rolled and stowed neatly in the coffin-shaped jon boats endemic to the region, past Blasingame and Radical and Marmaros, through shoals and chutes with undoubtedly colorful local names now lost to history.

He was an obstinate cuss, the first owner, from what I gather.  Folks would call on the party line and arrange a trip downriver, he’d send them a list of everything they could take along.  Anything brought which wasn’t on the list was pitched into the weeds before launch.  Didn’t suffer fools.  If the water-stained grocery list tucked into the stake bag is any indication they were bare-bones trips: boiled ham, beans, apples, coffee.

In 1956 the dam went up and the river went under in the name of progress, to provide power and flood control to the dirt-poor people of the Ozark highlands.  The tent was rolled and neatly stowed somewhere dry where it wouldn’t mildew, forgotten until a neighbor dusted it off and sold it to me.  It has been places I will never be able to venture, places erased from the landscape.  An artifact from a world I’ll never see.

Shared: Vote to protect California salmonids.

If you (or a good friend) enjoy the outdoors and live in California, this is a must-read. In 2017, the California state legislature passed Senate Bill 5, which will allow the issuance of bonds to finance drought-recovery, water, parks, climate and outdoor access programs. That bill, now known as Proposition 68,

via California’s Prop 68: Salmon & Steelhead Funding Decided at the Ballot — Sports Tap



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Supreme Court hears ‘salmon vs everything’ ballot initiative — Must Read Alaska

Is the salmon ballot initiative constitutional? The Alaska Supreme Court heard two sides of the question on Thursday. The Office of Lieutenant Governor argued that the initiative takes away the appropriating authority of the Legislature and is therefore unconstitutional. But the Yes for Salmon lawyer argued that it does no such thing and should go […]

via Supreme Court hears ‘salmon vs everything’ ballot initiative — Must Read Alaska

Wednesday Night Ties: Swap flies.


It’s an odd thing, tying flies for strangers all across the country and getting a dozen or so in return.  Time and tedium accumulate, as you crank out one after another as close to identical as you can- and mine aren’t nearly so nice as the articulated deer-hair concoctions others will make.

It’ll all work out, though.



Save our salmon.

Oars as art? Protecting wild salmon, steelhead, and the healthy rivers systems they depend on? Yes, I’m in. The unique partnership between Sawyer, Save Our Wild Salmon, Link Jackson Art, Landscape Photography and Water Colors, and Ty Hallock Art has resulted in “performance art” if you will, by combining the need to protect our natural resources and […]

via Sawyer Artisan Series Oars — Sawyer Stories – Tales of Oar locks, Eddies, and The Feel Of Water

Monday Video: IRMA

IRMA from Flylords on Vimeo.