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Save our salmon.

Oars as art? Protecting wild salmon, steelhead, and the healthy rivers systems they depend on? Yes, I’m in. The unique partnership between Sawyer, Save Our Wild Salmon, Link Jackson Art, Landscape Photography and Water Colors, and Ty Hallock Art has resulted in “performance art” if you will, by combining the need to protect our natural resources and […]

via Sawyer Artisan Series Oars — Sawyer Stories – Tales of Oar locks, Eddies, and The Feel Of Water

Monday Video: IRMA

IRMA from Flylords on Vimeo.

Shared: Wisco Wetlands under threat.

Wisconsin hunting and conservation groups have blasted a Republican proposal to roll back wetlands regulations as an environmental disaster. But after several tweaks, the authors think they have a bill that will quiet the opposition. > Cap Times

via Explainer: Wisconsin Republicans seek to roll back wetlands regulations — BlueWisconsin

Wyoming Game & Fish: What to do with native trout.


The Bighorn range and adjacent basin are among my favorite places in the west- seven thousand feet of relief provides opportunities for browns and rainbows plus brook trout, lake trout, golden trout, splake, Bear River and Finespotted cutthroat, walleye, smallmouth, carp, yellow perch, crappie, tiger muskie, and probably a few more I can’t think of at 7:30 on a Tuesday morning, pre-coffee.  But they’re all from somewhere else.  Yellowstone Cutthroat spent millennia evolving in place.  The earliest Americans knew them as did their descendants, the Crow and the Shoshone. John Colter and Jim Bridger knew these speckled trout of the west.  Buffalo Bill and Butch Cassidy knew them, too.

Yellowstone cutts occupy only eight percent of their native range, mostly small headwater streams above barrier falls where they can’t be out-competed by hordes of brook trout or bred out of existence by rainbows.  Biologists trek out to these headwater streams and study their depth and discharge, look for the presence of gravel beds for spawning, examine water chemistry and bug communities to evaluate whether the streams may support native fish.  The effort requires public buy-in, and Wyoming Game and Fish will be holding public comment meetings to guide future restoration efforts.  Attend if you can, or find additional opportunities for public comment through the Wyoming Game and Fish meetings website.

Wednesday Night Ties: Unnecessarily complicated stoneflies.



Shared- Attitudes of conservation in the west.

Here’s the release from the State of the Rockies Project (Colorado College): Western voters say protected public lands are critical to state economies, oppose Trump administration efforts to eliminate land, water, and wildlife protections Mountain West voters weighed in on the Trump administration’s priorities for managing the use and protection of public lands in a […]

via 8th Annual Conservation in the West Poll Finds Strong Support for Protecting Land and Water; Voters Reject National Monument Attacks — Coyote Gulch

Warm Up.


Discs of ice sound alive jostling towards New Orleans