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  • Last best streams- #1731.

    Last best streams- #1731.

    The note pegged to the kiosk was too small for the whole story.  Every every summer, every year, thousands of underpaid graduate students fan out across the country collecting data for their projects.  If their work isn’t the backbone of modern conservation, it’s certainly one of the most important data streams available.  Like most essential…

  • California’s salmonid restoration.

    California’s salmonid restoration.

    Keeping native fish on the landscape requires work. Compromise. California’s plan to restore native fishes to the Sacramento River is seeing dividends- and farmer’s support. Read more here.

  • Last Best Streams: #1172.

    Last Best Streams: #1172.

    Bicolored snipe lift off vertically from wet willow thickets and I’m reading a sign in the middle of nowhere lauding native species and I turn thirty-seven degrees and watch black cattle wear out wet willow thickets where bicolored snipe lift off vertically and I wonder how we define value.

  • 100+ miles of Yellowstone streams will soon be restored for native species.

    100+ miles of Yellowstone streams will soon be restored for native species.

    Beginning today, Yellowstone National Park (YNP) fisheries biologists will begin applying rotenone to the upper Gibbon River, eliminating stocked rainbow and brook trout to restore the region’s native westslope cutthroat and arctic grayling.              Our national parks are charged with restoring native species where possible, and where management can encourage their persistence on the landscape. …