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Wednesday Night Ties: Henshall’s flies.



The Johnny Appleseed of browns, brookies and rainbows had a less-than-secret obsession with black bass- largemouth and smallmouth, mostly. Born in antebellum Baltimore, he moved west to Cincinatti and then Wisconsin, where he made a home on Lake Oconomowoc, west of Milwaukee.  The lake became his adopted pen name as he wrote articles for national sporting magazines, while studying the behavior and reproduction of the bass that lived there- observations which would inform their culture, allow them to be propagated in hatcheries, and replenish stocks ravaged by pollution and market fishing.

He wrote The Book of the Black Bass, he wrote an autobiography- in which he spends practically no time describing his experience in the west, establishing the Bozeman trout hatchery and building the legendary Montana trout fisheries of today.


Maybe that tells us something.

Monday Video: DPD nymph.

DPD Nymph from Tightline Productions~T. Flagler on Vimeo.

Wednesday Night Ties: Western dries.


With the water and western plans plus the weekly news, Madame X’s seemed like a good choice. 



Wednesday Night Ties: Swap flies.


It’s an odd thing, tying flies for strangers all across the country and getting a dozen or so in return.  Time and tedium accumulate, as you crank out one after another as close to identical as you can- and mine aren’t nearly so nice as the articulated deer-hair concoctions others will make.

It’ll all work out, though.



Monday Video: Tying in a minute.

Tying in a minute. – Bubble Caddis . Cul de Canard Fly Fishing Blog from Cul de Canard – Fly Fishing Blog on Vimeo.


Wednesday Night Ties: Making materials.

You watch a starling at a bird feeder and realize immediately why they’re so successful.  They don’t peck at bits of food, they shovel it down their gullet.


Luckily, they come in handy.



Monday Video: WD-40 plus.

WD-40 Plus from Tightline Productions~T. Flagler on Vimeo.