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Monday Video: Biots.

Biot Basics – Biot Horns or Wings from Tightline Productions~T. Flagler on Vimeo.


Wednesday Night Ties: white flies.


Ephoron spinners and emergers for silty slow water around here, where the nymphs will emerge from their burrows under cover of darkness over the next few wees.  Spruce moths, the big caddis-y looking things, for there- the mountain west, where they erupt and fall and feed native cutthroats like popcorn cast upon the water. 


Wednesday Night Ties.


Monday video: carp crack.

Carp Crack Fly Tying Tutorial from TaleTellers Fly Fishing on Vimeo.

Monday Video: SBR Hendrickson nymph.

How I learned to stop worrying and embrace the Tampon Fly.


I like the Meat Whistle because it has a lot of movement in the water and it sinks fast, knocking against rocks and looking reasonably like a crayfish or madtom or sculpin.  The fish only like the Meat Whistle a little.

I like the Hairy Mary because it’s easy and looks reasonably like a half-drowned dragonfly.  But the fish would only sit underneath the Hairy Mary, looking sullen, then depart.

I like the Home Invader because, aside from the lead eyeballs, nearly all the materials can be found in a farm lot.  I like the homespun look of the coyote fur collar.  I like that with pale yellow marabou, some gold and pearl tinsel flash, and barred ginger hackle you can make them look almost exactly like one of the thousands of stonerollers grazing Ozark stream bottoms.  But only dinks chased the Home Invader today.

The Tampon Fly is none of those things.  It looks like nothing; it just wiggles.  It casts like a sack of dead kittens and takes ages to reach its destination.  It’s dumb to tie.  There is no jarring strike or surface explosion.

But it works.  And sometimes, when nothing else will- that’s good enough.



Monday Video: The beautiful struggle.

The Beautiful Struggle featuring Emilie Björkman – Haglöfs from Kristoffer Davidsson on Vimeo.