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  • Beer. Bonfire.  Bowl of hoppin’ john.

    Beer. Bonfire. Bowl of hoppin’ john.

  • This week in photos.

    This week in photos.

  • First of January.

    First of January.

    It was forty degrees at midnight. Six hours later, the temperature was eight. The roads were clear, and everything south and west was wet, but not icy. The creek was supposed to bump up a few feet per second. I took my time with coffee and breakfast and loading the car. Really, they got more…

  • I’m damn lucky.

    I’m damn lucky.

    It’s a shame we measure time by our accomplishments, instead of lessons learned. Back in January, I picked up A Really Big Lunch, a posthumous look at Jim Harrison’s food writing. I liked it. A vein of American consciousness would gleefully shit all over the book- hedonism, conspicuous consumption, the carbon footprint, the objectification of…