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  • Outfitters to Gianforte: Save Montana’s Streams

    Outfitters to Gianforte: Save Montana’s Streams

    Now the region’s rivers are trickling and boiling through the summer, and a coalition of conservation, retail and outfitter groups on Wednesday sent a letter to Gov. Greg Gianforte urging a major response. Montana Standard

  • The Montana slide.

    The Montana slide.

    Two news items caught my attention this week- both out of Montana, neither great for outdoor enthusiasts. The first: For generations, Montanans have have benefited from the sort of restrictive easements that allow anglers to use bridge crossings as fishing accesses. The same prescriptive easements allow hunters and hikers to use long-standing roads and trails…

  • I’m damn lucky.

    I’m damn lucky.

    It’s a shame we measure time by our accomplishments, instead of lessons learned. Back in January, I picked up A Really Big Lunch, a posthumous look at Jim Harrison’s food writing. I liked it. A vein of American consciousness would gleefully shit all over the book- hedonism, conspicuous consumption, the carbon footprint, the objectification of…