It’s winter, and then it isn’t- because the robins are back, because in the morning the liquid call of a red-winged blackbird wakes you, as he perches where a bluebird sat only the day before. 

Monday Video: IRMA

IRMA from Flylords on Vimeo.

Shared: Wisco Wetlands under threat.

Wisconsin hunting and conservation groups have blasted a Republican proposal to roll back wetlands regulations as an environmental disaster. But after several tweaks, the authors think they have a bill that will quiet the opposition. > Cap Times

via Explainer: Wisconsin Republicans seek to roll back wetlands regulations — BlueWisconsin


Wednesday Night Ties: Big bass worms.


Monday Video: BWO improved sparkle dun.

BWO Improved Sparkle Dun from Tightline Productions~T. Flagler on Vimeo.


Last Best Streams: 2.0


I had a perfectly good plan last year: winnow down all the streams in the US to the last best ones, the ones science say are least disturbed, their annual pattern of flow today most similar to the historic record.  Add in the nation’s system of Wild and Scenic Rivers, and spend the rest of my life focusing on those…

But there’s better data out there, more exhaustive- not just the great streams, the nice streams, the ones which are protected.  There’s data on the streams that should be protected, if only we had the will- political, social, or otherwise- to do so.  I’m anal about these sorts of things, so I dumped them into the existing list: something like 2,110 streams across the nation, notable for their ecological, fisheries, or cultural significance.  It’s a couple lifetimes worth of work, but I’m happy to try.  You can check out my progress on the Last Best Streams page.


Wednesday Night Ties: Smallmouth goodies.