Red dot blues.


There’s a little local blue-line trout stream I won’t fish because it’s so low- not the typical mid-winter seasonal low, but 40% below average for this time of year.  It’s the same story for a tentative August trip out west, looking at SNOTEL, with much of the Rockies well below average.


Here’s hoping things pick up….and soon.



Wednesday Night Ties: Order.


I woke up one morning last week deciding I wanted things neat.  For the past few years I’ve been doing this- making certain I complete the first thing I think of in the morning, whether it’s eating fresh strawberries in a hammock with a Hefeweizen or, in this instance, a detailed cleaning of the home office.  It seems a reasonable enough path to self-fulfillment.

The tying desk was a wreck and the answer seemed self discipline, using what was laying around on the untidy table to fill some of my boxes.


Monday Video: Pirarucu.

Pirarucu – Fly fishing the biggest Arapaima Reserve in the planet from Martina Beilinson on Vimeo.


Someone Hug Mitch McConnell.


In a part of the world decimated by logging and mining, The Nature Conservancy and Kentucky’s top Republican have partnered for a $5 million grant to protect 25,000 acres of Appalachian landscape.  The strange bedfellows’ cooperative effort will protect threatened amphibians, bats, birds, crawdads, fish, and freshwater mussels all benefit, with the mixed hardwood and hemlock forests affording carbon sequestration for generations to come.

Let’s take the win.

Monday Video: Sutileza.

SUTILEZA.The story of trout and wine in the Andes from BROWNTROUTARGENTINA Fly fishing on Vimeo.


The Onondaga Brood.

254262_10100276547298950_5314833_nFancy a trip to New York’s Finger Lakes this spring?  Come May it’ll be the place to be, as Brood VII of periodical cicadas emerge from their burrows and flop into streams and lakes.  The thumb-sized black and orange bugs emerge when ground temperatures reach 64 degrees and trout, bass, carp, catfish- they all go nuts.  Start tying, and learn more about the emergence here.

And if you really want to nerd out and are living in southwest Ohio- look for stragglers of mysterious Brood XXII.

Wednesday Night Ties: Ugly lil’ quill dries.


I haven’t fussed with mallard slip wings in a decade or more, and it shows.  But I picked up a vintage Orvis fly tying book a couple months back and was reminded how pretty some of these quill-bodied patterns are, so I figured I’d burnish my skill set.